Is that a lapbook I see before me. the glue stick toward my hand?

Come, let me make thee! …or not.

P1020470The temptation towards lapbooking is creeping up on me again and yet I have had a rather love-hate relationship with lapbooks over the years.

On the one hand we’ve enjoyed making them and there’s lots of fine motor skill practice for the younger ones in cutting and gluing, but on the other hand I always get a bit depressed at the wonderfully, neatly produced wonder-lapbooks you see online compared to the stuff we always end up making.

I also fret about the time they take to make and whether the children are actually learning anything from them. But they were younger then and perhaps its time to reintroduce lapbooking with a Montessori twist for Heleyna as a way of repeating work for building her memory.

In the past the whole process of making the lapbooks seemed to take forever and then we had the problem of whether to keep them or not and whether, after so much work, they were ever referred to again.  But I realise that they make a great way to return to a subject without making it obvious that we need to go back over something.

I’ve started with a “phonics” lapbook where there are practice pieces for reading and writing phonic sounds and words. As a lapbook that will get used over and over, I think it will be worth the effort.

One of the other things that has me reaching for the folder and the glue stick is that a lot of Montessori free printables are just right for lapbooking.

Homeschool help free lapbook stuff

dynamic 2 moms has some lapbooking stuff



4 responses to “Is that a lapbook I see before me. the glue stick toward my hand?

  1. I came to say 3 things..
    1) My grandpa taught me how to make things myself and I STILL remember the feeling satisfaction I got upon completing the project. I still remember how to make most of the items and share this skill with children in my life.
    2) You could call homeless shelters or women shelters and see if they have child residents. You could likely (in my experience) schedule a time for your children to take the lap books to the residents and show them how to use them. It is such a great opportunity to learn! You can tell the shelter you have 2 and they’ll choose 2 children who haven’t gotten “charity” in awhile — don’t worry about making enough for every child.
    3) It is awesome you can make these!

    • The homeless shelter idea is great. I never even thought of it. As Iona is going to be part of the food distribution centre once it’s up and running we could do that and our parish supports a shelter.

      Nice one Jackie x

  2. I have a very basic question about lapbooking. I have seen many lap book sets advertised but where do you get the suitable card folder to stick all the bits into from?

    • In the past Liz I’ve used an Amazon box or a box of that sort of size. The children have learning boxes now which these can fit into. I also have a very old filing tray thing that they fit into.
      The folders I use are just office card folders. I’ll post a bit more on this with better detail. x

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