Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

Lapbook of Clouds

From ETC MONTESSORI I downloaded the  clouds nomenclature cards. A search around the net (google images) produced some extra pics about where the clouds are in the sky. Heleyna is using Behold and See Book 1 for science and as we have hit the chapter on weather, a Cloud lapbook seems like a good accompaniment to the chapter.

The free Montessori printables are just right for this sort of thing.

You need a folder


to start with

Open it out like this.


After that, how you stick things in and where you put them is pretty much up to you and the children making them.

We are adding some extra’s to the lapbook about the seasons and weather in the northern and southern hemisphere’s. She will look at the weather here for a week and make a weather calender from her science book.