3 Quick Takes



Received a beautiful bouquet of pink roses today from a rather fine gentleman I married 25 years ago today.

We’re celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary with a take away tonight and a night away at the weekend. Lovely.



First day we could actually do the learning outside in company with the guinea pigs on the lawn. Cups of tea and  learning trays at the ready.


Just back from the hospital where the Prof has raised the Ivabradine to 7.5mg bd. He is pleased my heart rate is coming down a bit. Hasn’t been over 130 since I’ve been on it.  He wants the Candasarten increased again to prevent another mini-stroke and/or a full stroke Still running high BP and fluctuating a lot. He wants the GP to sort that out once I’ve finished this lot of Prednisolone and possibly once I’m off the Furosemide again.

He also thought going after a dx of Lupus was a good idea as it covers a lot; almost all in fact, of what’s happening with me.

He’ll see me again in 2 months. He is very good.


One response to “3 Quick Takes

  1. Happy Anniversary, Shell.!!! 🙂

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