Home education Friday Freebies.

frugal friday freebiesJust in case any of you are planning ahead; and I am sure a few of you are; I have a new academic year calender which Kalei has put up on her amazing site for you. It covers August 2013 to July 2014.

You might like my Little Lessons on Science

I know I haven’t produced much in the way of freebies recently. I do hope I can get back to doing so at some point.

Free ebooks online for the children

Gutenberg’s Children’s Lit

Baldwin Classics You can also buy a humungous set of the books in either mobi (for Kindle) or epud for less than $50.

Heritage History

Somewhat out of season but my children love The Cinnamon Bear and this site has lots of stuff about him and the mp3 story to download.

Wired For Books Kid’s Corner If you like Beatrix Potter. There’s other stuff too,

Vintage Cookbooks


CINDI science comics. I haven’t really checked this out yet so can’t say what it’s like. But have a look and see what you think

Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact Lots of comics on all sorts of subjects.


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