Fatima, the Pope and a touch of eschatology.

miracle_of_fatimaIt’s the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima today, commemorating her first appearance in the little town of Fatima in Portugal to the three children Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco on May 13th 1917.

Today,  96 years later Pope Francis will consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima.

Blessed Pope John Paul II dedicated himself to Our Lady of Fatima too, especially as he saw her hand in saving his life on May 13th 1981 when he was shot.

The apparitions at Fatima have to be one of the most important visits Our Mother has made to us over the last 2000 years.  Her promise that the War would end was fulfilled pretty quickly and the solders returned home. But she had made a stark warning. Men needed to repent, abide by her Son’s commandments and basically get our act together or there would be another war. She made it clear, that just as Scripture tells us, wars happen as a result of sin. She also warned that Russia would spread her errors over the world and nations would be annihilated.

Even after the spectacular miracle of the sun seem by over 70,ooo people, some many miles away, there wasn’t the right response to her plea. She had told Lucia that a strange light would be seen in the sky to herald the new war.

On Jan 25th 1938 an unusal aurora borealis was seen so far south that it caused fire engines to be sent out around London to find the source of the red lights filling the sky. Scientists made note of it’s unusual stretch and discovered it was caused by a surge in sunspot activity.

Lucia wrote to the Holy Father from her convent saying this was the sign.

Two months later the Second World War began.

Lucia became very ill and it looked likely, at the time, that she might die. In obedience to her bishop she wrote down the Third Secret and it was sent to the Vatican with instructions that it should not be told to the world until after 1960.

For whatever reason, Pope John XXIII read the message and did not announce it. The secret wasn’t announced until after the shooting and amazing survival of Bl. Pope John Paul II. Unfortunately the late announcement, coupled with a somewhat over enthusiastic view from Cdl Sodano that the prophecy was completed – when the vision hardly showed the events of 1981 has resulted in a large number of disgruntled and concerned people thinking that a) there’s more the to the 3rd secret (Lucia said there wasn’t) and b) the consecration of Russia hasn’t taken place properly yet (Lucia said it had) and c) there’s more of the secret we do know to be fulfilled (this seems very likely as only Cdl Sodano seemed to think it was all done with).

It’s a sad fact that all the dire warnings Our Blessed Mother gave us at Fatima have come to pass. If only we had listened.  But the message of Fatima is just as important today so we can still respond to Christ’s call via His Mother. Pray, do Penance and try to conform our lives with His will.

The fact that, despite how much we ignore her, God keeps sending Our Blessed Mother to mother us shows the amazing love, patience and mercy He has.

Obviously we are not supposed to go chasing after private revelation without due prayer and discernment and we are supposed to hear what the Church has to say on them. We know the Church never rushes to judgement on these matters. So much investigation takes place I wonder sometimes if the message is lost in the long wait. The official recognition of some of the apparitions at Kibeho in Africa came after the prophecies had been fulfilled.  I assume enough was known about the messages to have prevented the fulfillment of the horrible prophecy of the genocide, if people had repented as Our Blessed Mother asked.

As our Holy Father dedicates his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima we await the full triumph of her Immaculate Heart giving glory to her Son.

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