The hedgehog came in from the cold.

P1020644On Sunday Alex and Anna walked home from Mass and found a hedgehog lying in the driveway looking a little worse for wear. As they were off at an unearthly hour the following morning for their Honeymoon they couldn’t take care of him. The RSPCA were not available so they brought him to us.

To be honest, he seemed fine when he arrived. He mooched around the rabbit hutch happily and tucked into some cat food, licking his lips and polishing his nose enthusiastically. We gave him some tepid water as the Hedgehog Rescue info said not to give cold water. He enjoyed his drink and went to bed.

As the following day was a Bank Holiday we continued to care for him and although he occasionally closed one eye and dropped his head to one side, he didn’t seem that sick. He squeaked in his sleep, but we didn’t know if that was normal.

So on Tues we were to phone the Rescue Centre hoping they’d check him out and if all was well, we could release him back near where Alex and Anna live.

I’d lost my voice again and Iona was out so we waited for her to get back.P1020658 Montague, as Anna had named him, had slept all day and not eaten the night before. He was restless, getting up and then falling asleep again, but hedgehogs are nocturnal so we weren’t too fussed. As it was raining and he had come out of his bedroom to sleep I kept going out to check him,

Iona came home and said she would take him to the vet up the road. But when we went to check him again, poor Monti had died.

It may have been a virus. It was sad and Avila cried a lot, poor kid, but we gave him a warm bed, good food and a safe place for his last couple of days, rather than him dying at the side of the road.

So Montague, R.I.P.


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