Home Education; my child hates (insert subject) In our case it’s maths.

A couple of years ago I remember listening to a homeschooling conference speech in which a veteran homeschooling mother spoke of the dangers of forcing a child to stick with a curriculum that isn’t suiting them. She had chosen a Maths curriculum for her son, in line with one used by other families in her homeschool co-op and he hated it. Thinking that he needed to continue with it because the lessons were done as a group she kept him at it. In the end all she and her son had to show for it, was his utter hatred of maths. Not a good result.

math-memeNot long before that I had taken Ronan off Math U See and he was doing Life of Fred with some Mathematical Reasoning. Then I reintroduced him to Math U See and all went well for a while.

We’ve hit the arithmetic wall again. I’d been working with him on it and then I even did the notetaking with him telling me what to write. Nothing was working. He was continuing to do Life of Fred and some other bits of maths but the core was the dreaded Math U See.

So, I’ve taken him off MUS again. I then spent an afternoon trawling curriculum sites and website. I’ve printed off some Grade 3,4 and 5 worksheets to see what would happen.

Without telling him what I was giving him I gave him some worksheets at Grade 3 (he is at the end of grade 4) which he did  in a couple of minutes. So I’ve given him end of year grade 4 test papers which is is coping with fine. Obviously his ability is “at grade” for want of a better system of assessment. He’s even done some MUS problems (Shh! Don’t tell him) without any problem simply because he didn’t know they were MUS. Honestly!

As we come to the end of term I’ll slowly get him up to grade 5 papers and see how he does. I think when we come back in September he will be fine starting his Grade 5 on Grade 5 level maths.  Then I’ll rethink his curriculum from there.

I think I may have to just accept that while the girls are happy with MUS that it just doesn’t suit Ronan. It’s more important that he learns his maths and gets on with it, than he uses the same curriculum as the girls (and his friends).

This site is good Mathgametime.

And this UK based site for Maths innovation (menu list)

Math Mammoth is well known.

I am also looking at Right Start Math but I don’t think we’ll use it as it doesn’t really go high enough as yet – although the new geometry course does look very good. Going to do the placement test though after he’s finished with the sample worksheets and see.

I think I might get some more maths from The Critical Thinking Company for him.

UPDATE – more sites to consider.


Mangahigh haven’t checked this out yet.



6 responses to “Home Education; my child hates (insert subject) In our case it’s maths.

  1. Happy to have found your blog, our daughter is at home online through a charter school. She is doing wonderful but could use a little bit of supplement for math. She currently has two math classes and one math site for the summer. She still finds math to be extremely difficult. I will look into your ideas for help and any other suggestions I would be grateful. I look forward to following and have a wonderful day, Allie.

  2. d2ybydxsquared

    have you thought about mangahigh.com or mymaths.co.uk

  3. What about Singapore Math? Have you ever done a learning style test? That’s very helpful in deciding on a math curriculum.

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