On the buses. Adventures in Disability.

Whenever we go out, especially somewhere new my dh calls it “an adventure in disability” because we have to find the most accessible route. Back home I don’t use public transport much. I haven’t been on a bus even with crutches because my balance is seriously off and in a wheelchair – I just can’t face it. Even using the local train service can be difficult. Officially I am supposed to give the train service 48  hrs notice if I want the ramp. I don’t know why.

P1030056But here in Edinburgh it isn’t at all wise to try and take a car into town. So we use the buses. But it’s not a nightmare at all.

The buses have a ramp that slides out and then there’s a place I can park on the bus. Easy.

I think I would still need someone pretty strong to help though as getting in and out of the space requires a lift and turn as it’s 180° in a small space. But the drivers are all sensible and don’t hurtle at bus stops, which makes it easier for the children and me.

Thanks to the buses being very regular they tend not to be over  crowded even now, at the height of the season, and that makes it all the safer and easier.

I seriously recommend taking a bus up the Mound if you are wanting to get to the high end of the town. It’s bloomin’ steep and quite frankly even if you can get to the top, coming down is downright scary. The bus avoids all that and it also means you can avoid the torture of cobbled streets under your wheels. No cobbles is bliss!

The National Museum of Scotland has very good toilets for crips. The doors aren’t too heavy and there’s plenty of space to maneuver the wheelchair. The bars are sturdy and don’t rock as you try to grasp them.

The crip toilet is also the baby changing area and I know some disabled people disapprove of that but it doesn’t usually bother me. In the museum the room was big enough to cope with the changing table and me in the chair without me bashing on the folded table.

So, good adventure in disability.

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