Home is where the slugs are.

P1120046Ah it’s good to be home, even though I could happily live on Iona and spend an inordinate amount of time in Edinburgh.

I loved the clean salt air on Iona and convinced myself that I was breathing much better (my dear daughter, named for said island, thinks otherwise, but an ol’cripple can have her dreams).

I learned that the school there had 15 pupils which sounds lovely, and for all those out there who think the “S” word for home education I have to say there are 22 children in our home ed group at the moment.

Iona has some wonderful photos which you can peruse HERE

Home to sunshine – which is good because the washing pile is HUMUNGOUS! All hands on deck for unpacking, sorting, cleaning and washing. We arrived home to be met by Alex and Anna as Anna had cooked a massive veg soup and made a cake. Marvellous! Alex has chosen a very good wife if you ask me.

We were also met with a…work of art…all over the front room carpet as the slugs had taken our absence as an open house invitation. Bloomin’ slugs, “don’t even know what the point of them even is…”

Off to the hospital this afternoon to see the Cardiologist – only to find there’d been a last minute cancellation of the clinic. Hope the Prof is ok.  Have new appt for Sept.

Next week have lung tests and week after have Rheumi appointment to discuss Lupus.

Been told it could be a long wait to see the voice/throat specialist.  Have no voice again at the moment. I get the feeling dh doesn’t mind the wait or my voicelessness…umm…

Plans for the near future:

Spend scary amounts of money of curriculum for Sept onwards. I think I just have to grin and bear it over the import duties on educational materials. I’m a bit cross at this silly Govt we have though.

I am hoping to begin selling some of my self made lessons over the year. This will mean having the time and brain function to do it, so we’ll see how it works out. I have not had much to offer Kalei recently for her website (Please go and have a look at the updates there and get signed up) because my fogginess has been pretty severe, but just recently I feel a clearing of the little grey cells; enough to write something hopefully.

I don’t know how this will go but I thought it was worth a try. I’ll update you on it as I progress. Say a prayer.

So I’ll be back to blogging on all things home ed, chronic illness and faith and anything else that comes into my foggy little mind.


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