Home Education: Galloping towards the new term.

P1110572There are three weeks before the new term starts. You may be wondering why I follow the term dates set by the Local Authority when I don’t have to. It’s because it sort of works for us. The children have schooled friends and it’s easier to have the holiday dates the same as theirs and as Al works with children, it suits him better to follow term dates (give or take). For me it works out pretty well as terms tend to be around 6 to 7 weeks. Occasionally there’s a longer one, but they aren’t frequent. When the term is too long I simply make the last week a reading week or, if required, a catching up week.

So as we gallop over the next three weeks to term I am getting everything ready and writing some lessons and some lesson packs.

I’ve just spent a scary amount of money on next years curriculum and I really hope to have the brain power, energy and time to write more of my own stuff because frankly I haven’t managed to get much for the money. (and that’s before the import tax is demanded). I think I need to find a balance between buying curriculum because I need something they can do no matter what I’m like on any given day, and making the most of no-brainfog days to write and produce stuff we can use.

I have overcome my Atos fear and decided not to spend even more money buying massively ahead in case I find myself unable to buy resources. I will trust that even if the Govt and Atos can’t be trusted Providence can.  It was quite a personal battle but I did it. lol.

I cooked the tea last night without doing anything ridiculous, forgetting to cook half of it or needing to sit down for long periods. Woo-hoo! I cooked one meal while we were away and it was a nightmare, so this was a lovely blast from the past when I used to be competent lol.

I am going to try and use the rest of the holidays to get some writing done if my brain can do it. I am wondering about typing up and formatting ebooks in the public domain that aren’t yet properly formatted and offering them for 70p or something. I think I could do this even in fog because it would be copying mostly. How this and writing lesson packs turns out will depend on how term goes.  I am hoping to sell some lessons over the next year alongside my freebies.

Heleyna has been reading to me most days and she’s coming on well. I think not letting it slide through the holidays was the right thing to do.

I am printing off lessons I’ve bought as downloads as well as freebies and setting up folders with lessons for each day. Let’s see if being really organised works. They will each continue with their learning boxes, but Ronan, and perhaps Avila will also have an Arch file with printables for the week. I’m also gathering free ebooks and looking at ways to make lessons with them. Leaning back to the Literature based approach of Charlotte Mason I think.

I think we will still be pretty eclectic over the next academic year with some Classical, Montessori and Mason all in the mix, but then the three younger ones are all very different in how they learn.


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