The poverty diet, charity and neighbours.

This article on how chronically sick people (specifically those with ME in this case) find themselves poor and therefore relying on cheap or free food, making them sicker for longer, opens a can of questions.

u8_thin-girl-fat-girlFirst of all, we know from other studies and just knowing people, that the poverty diet is part of the everyday life of a lot of people regardless of their health when they became poor. The rise in rickets, malnutrition and even the return of scurvy to Britain is surely a sign that we are getting it badly wrong. The exponential rise in people having type 2 diabetes is surely linked with the poverty diet.

Now food must be handed out to the poor from Government distribution systems such as food banks, so that people don’t starve. We have a food bank opening up just up the road where my oldest daughter will volunteer.  There is no famine, no war, no massive shift in the population and yet many people can’t or don’t eat healthy well balanced food, and food prices are getting very high indeed.

It’s not just because people are poor. A lot of the problem is that food quality is so bad, and cheap food is often barely food at all.  We have poisoned the soil and our fruit an veg have sucked up pesticides for so long that rinsing them under the tap or peeling them is pointless. We’ve known for years that industrially farmed meat is bad for animals and for those who eat them, but it’s still more expensive and more difficult to find free range meat and organic meat is out of most people’s regular price range.

Being fat is not the biggest problem we face. Being sick because we can’t get the right minerals and vitamins to keep us from being very ill is the problem. The poverty diet becomes a vicious circle. You can’t eat healthy food, so you either stay sick, get worse or become sick; then you are too sick to earn more money, or to keep your job, so you stay on the poverty diet. Worse still, being ill can prevent a person being able to cook properly and so getting easy food becomes a habit.

Poor diet has been implicated in the massive rise in depression. The quick fix approach to this serious disease is to hand out prescriptions of antidepressants all of which have the side effect of weight gain. In women poor diet leads to hormonal imbalances which are always treated with the sledgehammer of chemical contraception, with the side effect of weight gain.

Then there are those of us on loads of steroids and yes, you guessed it, weight gain is a major side effect.

We’ve known for years that starvation diets and starvation in “real” situations has a negative effect on metabolism and we know that poor quality food effects both physical and mental health but still starvation diets are advertised as a good idea, and it’s only recently that any move to improve the quality of hospital food has happened.

It has also been well known for a long time that starvation effects metabolism and so people who have been starved often end up heavier once they can eat a normal amount because their metabolism is used to conserving energy. Couple this with the rise in diseases like Dysautonomia and ME which effect metabolism and the problem is made worse. The question remains unanswered (unresearched thanks to the way food is distributed by very big and powerful business) on whether diet is at the root of the exponential rise in autoimmune diseases. It has been noted that in Asian and African countries autoimmune disease is rare, but in Asian and African populations living in the West it’s on the rise at a shocking rate.

gkc1The BBC are repeating the interesting mini series documentary “The Men Who Made us Fat” alongside a new doc “The Men Who Made us Thin”. Obviously it’s the BBC so treat with caution but the questions raised are valid.

Now that the cause for dear ol’G.K.C. is finally moving ahead perhaps we can get ourselves a patron saint of fat people. There is a story that a lady approached him rather crossly during the war and demanded to know why he wasn’t out at the front.

“Madam,” responded GK, “If you walk to the side you will see that I am.”


7 responses to “The poverty diet, charity and neighbours.

  1. This was a great post. It brought to mind a phrase I first heard in the documentary “Hungry for Change” (available on Netflix) which is “We are overfed and undernourished.”

  2. Frankie.VANNGUYEN

    how long will it take before asthma improves, im taking oral steroids?

    • Frankie, I’m afraid it varies. For some a couple of days of Pred will make all the difference and for others it’s still rough after the tablets are gone.
      I now have steroid resistant asthma so it’s a kind of better than nothing treatment now.
      If you are needing oral steroids a lot you should ask your doc to refer you to a specialist to get things checked out.
      Sorry you need steroids.
      Take care

  3. mum6kids,

    I have spoken with you on Emmett O’Regan’s blog.

    I have suffered ME most of my life. I have spent thousands on attempted remedies, tried almost every alternative medicine, lost my house, lived in a tent in the process because of this illness. Recently I tried Earthing equipment, which removes extra static/electricity our body picks up because of electrical appliances now surrounding us. My energy has improved in the past 2 months to the point where I can now go back to work, and come home and work as well. I didn’t want to post earlier on this as I wanted to try it for a decent amount of time as there is a peculiar placebo effect with many purported remedies that wear off soon enough.

    Here are a few links that may help:

    The bed earthing sheet is probably the best out of the lot, I literally jump out of bed in the morning. There is also a car pad that I no longer feel exhausted after long drives.

    The next I will try will be earthing shoes.

    God Bless

  4. Hi Shell,

    For those who think they may have a sensitivity to electric pollution and also suffer from fatigue when driving it may be worthwhile trying the grounding car seat pad first as it is cheap (around $20 US). Apparently grounding gear helps reduce inflammation for those suffering autoimmune problems. A guy I know who was eventually diagnosed with Lymes said before diagnosis grounding was a great help for him as it reduces inflammation.

    There is a well researched book by Susan Blum that I am reading called “The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctors 4 Step Program to Treating Autoimmune Disease”. In it she talks about healing the gut, avoiding certain gmo foods etc to improve ones life, she is an autoimmune sufferer. She recommends for those suffering fatigue to initially for 4 weeks remove gluten, diary, corn and soy from their diets. I notice I get very spaced out when I have soy.


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