Book list for boy aged 10 -11 (USA grade 4-5 UK year 5-6)

I thought I would write a list of the books that Ronan has read, listened to and what I’d like him to read over the next few months. Obviously I’m not saying the books are only suitable for boys – but they are books I think he’ll enjoy.

Literature and fun

The Narnia books all of them. We have them in paperback but they are a bit messed up. Also free audio at Ancient Faith Radio

The Letzenstein Chronicles bks 1-4

The Hobbit Alvin Fernald books

The Railway Children

Around the World in 80 Days

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Historical novels

Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles Rosemary Sutcliffe and other of her books.

The Blood Red Crescent

Detectives in Togas and The Roman Ransom

Secret of the Shetlands

Hidden Treaures of Glaston

Red Hugh

The High Deeds of Finn MacCool

Alfred of Wessex


The Little Duke Charlotte M Yonge

Living Books factual History/Science

The Mystery of the Periodic Table

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine and Archimedes and the Door to Science

Mythology and tales

Odysseus and Troy 

The Age of Fable

Books of Padraic Colum including The Children’s Homer which I have in hardcopy (from a second hand bookshop in Wigtown) There are other books and a few years ago


Beethoven by Thomas Tapper

The Story of My Life Helen Keller



Gutenburg Children’s bookshelves (free ebooks)

Other books Home Geography Long

Possibly the Tarzan books

I bought the full pack of Yesterday’s Classics which works out pretty well. Their sister site Baldwin Classics has now launched a curriculum. Check out Heritage History as well.

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