Home Education: Curriculum planning grade 3 (year 4)

I don’t think I need to make too many changes for Avila this coming year. We’ll have to see how it goes. I’m hoping the new workbooks will arrive next week now I’ve paid the import tax on them.

This is just a quick overview. I haven’t finished planning yet and probably won’t really finish until term has started and I see where adjustments need making.

English and Language Arts and Reading

Finishing reading Children of the New Forest

English 3 from Seton

Reading 3 Seton

Spelling from CHC and some online spelling practice.

Beginning Reasoning and Reading


Religion 3 Seton

Vision Books


Math U See Gamma and then Delta

Life of Fred

CTC Draw Math 3

Building Thinking Skills Level 1 (gr 2 to 3)


Behold and See Science 4

Languages: Latin, Greek and Spanish

Latin Primer A and then B

Song School Latin 2

Song School Spanish and Spanish Primer A

Greek Primer A and Hey Andrew Greek 3

Music and Art

Aventus Piano Suite I have this on the monthly payments and it covers all three children. I think it’s very good and so long as you ensure hand position they learn properly.

Draw Write Now bk 5

Reading and Lit

Charlotte’s Web (library)

Tales From Shakespeare (Lamb)

The Princess and the Curdie and The Princess and the Goblin MacDonald

English Fairy Tales and other Jacobs books

The Little Princess Hodgeson

Kensuke’s Kingdom Morpurgo


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