Talent – it’s out there. Go and see.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to say this, but honestly, my children are quite talented really.

finalrender_cu_001Alex is revamping his portfolio at WESTBURY BISCUIT and it’s looking good. You can click on the pictures and see how they came about. I love the Captain who’s creation you can see HERE. More recently he has been working his way through some Andrew Loomis work so he can get a good handle on drawing figures.

Things in the video games industry are a bit rough right now, but with a lot of hard work Alex hopes to make it onto the ladder when things improve.

Iona has a blog with her friend at Life the Universe and Would You Pass theP1100644 Custard Creams? Iona posts her poems which are always funny. She has also set up a place to show her cakes as her business is officially launched by the end of next week. See her creations at Iona Rose Cakes.

I am being a proud mum, but you have to admit – they are good at what they do.


2 responses to “Talent – it’s out there. Go and see.

  1. Really nice/remarkable to see. It’s quite pleasing (and occasionally a bit daunting) as parents when our progeny exceed our rather limited expectations -as we really just hope they will be healthy and grow up OK. I know the younger generation are often given a bad press but most people I meet in this group are unsurpassed for their passion and creativity. Just as well for us!

    • Thank you Chas. It is a shame that young people get such a bad press. I know plenty of people aged between 16 and 27 who work very hard indeed and often for little reward.
      I think we have a lot to be grateful for there.

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