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Friday Freebies; Literature and book reports.

frugal friday freebiesI am doing some searching and planning for the Autumn term in Sept.

Book report for The Wolves of Whilloughby Chase Edhelper does have some basic freebies but you’ll need a paid sub if you want the more detailed stuff. Prince Caspian

The Hobbit Unit Study Looks good and it’s free.

Book report printables from Kalie’s hard work at That Resource Site She has a whole load of printable resources

I’ve also signed up to Jump Start. it’s free.

There’s this one here for grade 1

And I’ll still be using the free stuff from STARFALL

I want the children to do more reading and writing over the next academic year, but I don’t want to put them off the books they read by having them dissect them.

Also these free Spanish lessons look good SALSA. Each episode has a pdf download in English and Spanish and an activity sheet. Going by Ep 1 I think they are following full immersion theory of learning a language. It is clearly spoken and looks fun. (h/t Freely Educate)

I can’t make any promises, but over the Summer hols I hope I’ll find the umph to make some story reports and book studies. If so, I’ll send them to Kalei and you’ll know about them 🙂


I’ll probably combine it with some copywork.

Home Education: Friday Freebies

Ifrugal friday freebies‘ve been mulling over whether to and how to introduce the children to philosophical thinking.  TEACHING CHILDREN PHILOSOPHY looks like a good site using children’s books such as Frog and Toad stories as a jumping off point. THE HOME PAGE  has good introductory info.

PHILOSOPHY FOR KIDS also looks promising.

Getting children thinking about the action and feelings of story characters if a good start to teaching virtues. You don’t need to hammer the children over the head with “meaning” or “lessons”. Aesop managed to tell many a tale without a moral 2×4. The idea is to get the children to see for themselves what the difference between right and wrong is through the stories and how they relate to life.

Free Montessori printables and lapbooking printables

Montessori Printshop has some free and a lot to buy.

Some free stuff from Montessori for Everyone.

This site has some good stuff of a sort of Montessori nature

Reptile cards

This Blog has some free world map printables and other stuff

I love THE HELPFUL GARDEN what a talented and generous person.

Life Cycle of a Plant

This looks good for pre-school Montessori 

JMJ Publishing has some very good freebies

Homeschool share lapbooks

Notebookingpages has free and to buy resources

Home education Friday Freebies.

frugal friday freebiesJust in case any of you are planning ahead; and I am sure a few of you are; I have a new academic year calender which Kalei has put up on her amazing site for you. It covers August 2013 to July 2014.

You might like my Little Lessons on Science

I know I haven’t produced much in the way of freebies recently. I do hope I can get back to doing so at some point.

Free ebooks online for the children

Gutenberg’s Children’s Lit

Baldwin Classics You can also buy a humungous set of the books in either mobi (for Kindle) or epud for less than $50.

Heritage History

Somewhat out of season but my children love The Cinnamon Bear and this site has lots of stuff about him and the mp3 story to download.

Wired For Books Kid’s Corner If you like Beatrix Potter. There’s other stuff too,

Vintage Cookbooks


CINDI science comics. I haven’t really checked this out yet so can’t say what it’s like. But have a look and see what you think

Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact Lots of comics on all sorts of subjects.

home education; quick phases of the moon lesson with oreos and other buscuits.

As a bit of a treat from having just completed some Greek grammar we decided to make


the phases of the moon with Oreos.

The earth was made from an upturned gluten free jammy wheel on which Ronan drew the continents and coloured in the sea. We have some great food colouring felt pens for just such an occasion.

The sun was made from a gluten free custard cream. Then the Oreos were taken apart and the cream cut to size and the phases marked and laid down in the right place in relation to the earth and sun.

Avila got to eat the world and the sun but I didn’t let Ronan and Heleyna eat 2/3rds of a packet of Oreos. I’m not that bad a mother…yet.

Next plan to make DNA sequence out of mini marshmallows and red liquorice straws.

P1020557Meanwhile I discovered that the water I was cooking purple sprouting broccoli in for dinner that night, went purple. So I saved some in test tubes to see if it makes good universal indicator.

Yes, I know, that’s so horribly home ed of me.

There’s some free science lessons here. I haven’t had a chance to look them over properly yet so can’t vouch for them but you could see what you think.

I do want to have a go at THIS LESSON where the children can build DNA with liquorice straws and marshmallows.

You might also like the free Kaplan Anatomy Colouring Book.

Friday Freebies; all my stuff for you

Apparently I’ve provided 92 freebies to That Resource Site so please do go and have a mooch and see what you might like.

They are split into LITTLE LESSONS and PLANNING and other PRINTABLES.

FAITH lessons including Via Guade for Easter

HISTORY  including my lesson on Milgrim’s experiement.

SCIENCE especially Catholic scientists but other stuff too.

Some other freebies

Centre for Innovation in Mathmatics have a whole load of free maths printables that goes right through from Reception (pre-k) to secondary

I also recommend Scholastic’s STUDY JAMS

This free Middle School Chemistry curriculum looks good

The Treasure Chest comics are well worth looking at.

Free physics comics, activity and colouring books

eSkeletons have a life size adult and child homo sapien skeleton printables

For the Montessori stuff Helpful Garden is brilliant.

Friday Freebies; Lent stuff, the Pope and the Conclave…and other eclectic things.

Classical Homeschooling Magazine online

A probably complete list of the free online books written by Charlotte M. Yonge.

This is a very good overview of the pontificate of Papa Beni I am among those who believe the establishment of the Ordinariate will bear great fruit. There are plenty of prophecies from the saints and blesseds that say England will revert one day. Perhaps the Ordinariate will pave the way.

There’s this great freebie for children to get to grips with how the conclave will work.

Don’t forget my freebies from the past The Via Dolorosa for Lent and Easter


The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother which include walking with Jesus to the place of crucifixion; standing at the cross; receiving her beloved Son’s body into her arms and laying Him in the tomb.

And there’s the VIA GUADE to take you from Easter to Pentecost.

There’s plenty of things to find at That Resource Site


Home education; quick chemistry/physics freebie

It isn’t quite Friday, but here’s a freebie for those of you who want a more physical hands on approach to the elements. Ive made this set of Bohr diagrams. You can use three different beans to make the elements. We use black beans/turtle beans as electrons, mung beans (green) as neutrons and  red beans/adzuki as protons but you can use whatever best suits you.

I have linked to this website with all the elements laid out in Bohr diagrams All you have to do is click on each element and it gives a good overview of it with an accompanying Bohr diagram.

Bohr Diagrams freebie

We’ve used the first ones to make Hydrogen and helium using two hydrogens to make a helium as hydrogen is built into helium in the sun.

I’ve also got the children to glue the electrons slightly off the black line to show the fourth state of matter -plasma. (The electrons are free).

It’s much simpler at that level than it might first appear. Honestly.

Montessori free resources, lessons, cards, books and more.

As I embark on the great Montessori Experiment with my all too willing children I have searched for the information I need. A friend has already assured me that mixing a Montessori approach with a Charlotte Mason one works well. The more I read of Maria Montessori, the more I see how she and Charlotte Mason were on the same page. It’s a shame they never met, as I am sure they would have understood one another even with the language barrier. The very foundation of both their philosophies was the child as person.

Getting Started with Montessori – links of interest and usefulness

Cultivating Dharma – the most amazing array of free lessons and resources you can imagine. Thank God for people willing to do this sort of work and provide it for those of us embarking on the steep learning curve of a new approach to our children’s education.

Free Montessori Resources – a site that does what it says. There’s a lot here too. I haven’t explored it all yet.

Moteacho offers a range of albums that cover ages from 3 to 9 – just right for me. I love the story work offered from Dr. Montessori’s son Mario; God who has no hands.

The Great Lessons from Barabra Dubinsky look like quite a find too.

Now for your kindle or other reader: Beginning with books by Dr. Maria Montessori herself: NB: free books from Internet Archive are not often formatted and therefore you’ll get more weird and wonderful typos. Some books are better than others.

Dr. Montessori’s own handbook

Spontaneous Activity in Education

The Advanced Montessori Method

The Absorbent Mind

The Montessori Elementary Material

The Erdkinder and Functions of the University

Peace and Education

Books by other authors about Montessori and her methods.

A Montessori Mother (1913). The account of an American mother who went to Rome and met Dr Montessori and visited the Casa Bambini.

Montessori Children.

The Montessori System examined

A Guide to the Montessori Method.

Got a bit of money left over after buying the equipment? Or perhaps the overdraft isn’t close enough to the wire?

Montessori on a Shoestring offers good ideas for home made resources for younger children.

I would love to get Montessori; the Science Behind the Genius at some point.

This book Montessori Learning in the 21st Century is one I’d like to borrow and read, should our library ever have such books.

My free Montessori resources curtesy of Kalei at That ResourceSite.

While I’m here, I would like to draw your attention to the eStore at That ResourceSite where the DVD set is now for sale. I know that both Kalei and her husband has put a huge amount of work and dedication into this package. It’s well worth you having a look at it.

my little freebies;

Montessori pink, blue and green boxes and train template

Montessori grammar shapes

Math rods (red and blue) 1oo square, inch squares and tower templates. These are a good stop-gap while you’re saving up for the real deal. I am not that convinced they are good enough a full time replacements – but you can give them a go.

100s Board

The Sun, it’s parts, state and gases involved

Random freebies:

Science Jim videos

Study Jams

Not a bad little collection I’m sure there’ll be more.

Friday Freebies

Free Videos

NeoK 12 vids on all sorts of things.

I am sure most of you already know about Khan Academy.

We have found this site Study Jams and I’ve used some of the vids for the children as learning back up.

Other freebies.

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop has lots of free downloadable games and things to make for lots of subjects. Looks good to me.

End of term trip.

It’s the end of term for schools this week. Our lot have more or less finished and anyway they are already well into next years work.

Yesterday Iona and Jenny (my oldest son’s girlfriend) joined another couple of Home Ed families for a trip to the Museum. The main focus of the trip was the Egyptian displays as that’s what we’ve studied in history with the younger ones.

They had a great time and Ronan came back with lots of photos of various displays, including the mummies.

I stayed home this time to recover from my hospital stay. It was so quiet! I read and watched a bit of Dr Ray and felt much better by the time they all came back.

There are some plans for the Summer for meeting up with folks hopefully. J has hopes of helping Heleyna fulfil her ambition.

She came downstairs yesterday morning and in her just woken up, slightly groggy state announced, “I want to hold a frog.”

These were the first words of the day!

J has a friend with a pond full of tadpoles at the moment, so hopefully Heleyna’s ambition can be met there.

Friday Freebies: phonic readers

You can get a set of early phonic readers from Fun Phonics

Progressive Phonics

Free Phonic Readers


Clarkness readers and Reading Hawk

Online readers from Oxford Owl

Starfall with black and white downloads  (really useful for the child who needs low stimulus)

Free Montessori downloads from

Montessori for Everyone

Montessori printshop

Montessori mom

1+1+1=1 montessori printables

Friday freebies

I’ve put together a short timeline notebook for the 14th Century and as we are planning the next academic year I’ve put together an academic year diary.

As my breathing is naff and my voice comes and goes I am spending more time looking for audio books for the children, either for them to listen to or to follow along to.

I love the Readings from Under the Grapevine from Ancient Faith Radio. There are plenty of short stories and full chapter books for the children there. Dr hart has a good reading voice and Ancient Faith Radio have managed to get permission to read some modern and still in copyright works such as the Narnia Chronicles and many books published by Conciliar Press among others.

I wish EWTN or some other Catholic radio would offer a similar service for Catholic kids that Ancient Faith is offering for Orthodox kids.

Storynory is a good site.

And there’s the occasional gold standard reading from Librivox such as the Princess and Goblin read here by someone called Andy Minter who seems to me to have a genuine “voice talent”.

Sadly, not only do I have a radio face I am increasingly in possession of a silent movie only voice! So I am searching for good audio for the children as learning to listen is a vital skill.

Home Education Book record and the Sacraments and a bit of history. (freebies)

LITERATURE and READING NOTEBOOKING PAGES that I made are up at That Resource Site. I have included some covers of books we are or have used to get y’all started. Just cut out the covers and stick them in the boxes or get your children to draw the book cover if that works better for you.

I have only a couple of lines for each book to help encourage the “Don’t make me write!” children in our families. It will hopefully encourage even young ones to keep a record of the books they love and hate.

You might also like my 19th Century timeline notebook. I’m presently working on a 14th century timeline which covers especially the events around the mother’s of Europe SS Bridget of Sweden and Catherine of Siena.

For those of us preparing children for the Sacraments there’s Kalei’s great little lapbooking and worksheet resource SEVEN SACRAMENTs LAPBOOK and this SIN AND FORGIVENESS worksheet and this little prep booklet for the Sacrament of Confession (scroll down the page a bit).

Finally a bit of history.

This Youtube video gives an excellent story view of the Cristeros in 1920s Mexico. It’s a part of history I know nothing about and the tellers of the history here admit it an astonishing story that has been forgotten. A new film is being made For The Greater Glory. This vid is great for teens (I personally wouldn’t show it to my younger ones as the violence is obvious and worse because it really happened).

Friday Freebies

Free Audio Books

Lit2GO has a good set of audio books with the words available as pdfs.

For more audio books you might like a recent find of mine,  Cover to Cover where Ron Hansen’s book Atticus is presently being read. Can’t tell you anything about this book as I’ve never read it – and haven’t listened to it yet either. I note that Cover to Cover has a Library section which is being updated.

This Librivox reading of The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald is really good. I hope Mr. Minter might get around to reading The Princess and th Curdie as well.

We are still listening to Stranger Moon from Readings from Under the Grapevine

Patrick Madrid does a complete set of talks following his useful little book Pope fiction debunking the silly black legends and other crud that has been spread about the papacy over the years.

Free lesson help

We are using the Classical Academic Press Latin and Greek. They have Head Adventure Land as a free resource to back the lessons up, but I reckon you could use some of the resources whether or not you use the books.

FREE from ME

My latest Freebie is up on Kalei’s  Thatrescourcesite Blog which is a notebook timeline of the 19th Century. I am hoping to make other century notebooks as time goes on.

Easter reading lesson packs reminder

Just a quickie to remind y’all I have a load of freebies to cover Easter.

The VIA DOLOROSA takes you through to the end of the Passion. Then there’s THE SEVEN LAST WORDS. To cover the Resurrection through to Pentecost there is the VIA GUADE and my most recent pack ST. PETER WITNESS TO THE RESURRECTION.

Please keep the work of Kalei and those of us who contribute in your prayers.

Friday Freebie; St Peter Witness to the Resurrection lesson pack

Kalei has posted up my latest lesson pack for Easter. St Peter, Witness to the Resurrection. You will need a Bible to work with on this one.

I have a free bible software that I use, but apparently the owner doesn’t like being linked to. Not sure why. Anyway what I would really love to have is a free Catholic Bible software. Although by searching about I’ve found some good Catholic add-ons for the software I have, it’s been a mighty faff to load ’em.

If anyone knows of a good, easy to use, well laid out software that’s free or very cheap let me know (Logos is out of my league I’m afraid).

Anyway get yourselves a good translation and have a go at the lesson pack. I’ve included journal/note/prayer sheets for most pages and some lapbook mini’s. I hope it will be a good family one suitable for a mixed age group.

Kalei has written about what the Stations have taught her and offers a lovely copysheet too. Check out her other resources to get ready for Easter.

Home Education Friday Freebies

Kalei has posted my quick flashcard set of all the Catholic Rites I could find. There are way more than I’d realised. At some point I do hope to get back to the Rites and try and put something together about some of the saints from each Rite – if possible. As we have been learning about St. Josaphat via Ronan’s English from Seton book, perhaps I will start with him. Anyway, that’s for later.

Check out a new contributer to Kalei’s site as well. She looks set to have some excellent resources for your delectation.

home education free lesson pack; Council of Nicaea and Creed

What with the new translation of the Mass with the new translation of the Creed, I thought I’d make a little lesson to go with it all. So I wrote one about the historical context and events of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

Kalei has put it up on her blog and she has been working away revamping the main website, so go and take a look.

Now, I must admit there may be typos in the lesson as I’ve been rather foggy lately. Please forgive them if they are there.

I have also updated the lesson pack on the Via Dolorosa. Some of the text boxes had blacked out so I took out all the colour and this time they should work. Let me or Kalei know if there are further problems with it.

Home education free Advent lesson set

Pop over to Kalei’s blog That Resource Site and pick up the first half of my Advent freebie.

I am working away on the second half which I hope will take you through Christmas.

I have designed this for back to back printing so the blank pages are for the lapbooking, copywork and lesson pages.

The main text has note boxes for your own thoughts as you go through this, or might be useful for an older child doing independent study.

I advise you to read this with a Bible at hand.


Home Education: free science lessons and more

Kalei has posted my little lesson on Dr. Alois Alzheimer which I recommend for older home edders. It is a “little” lesson which is a small insight into a very large subject. I would like to find the time to delve into it further, but with term just starting I can’t promise anything right now.

When doing my research for this lesson I found someone wrote that the doctor was “sentimental” about his Catholic faith. Looking at the man’s life however, I think he was faithful not sentimental about his faith. It must have been the faith of Alzheimer and his fellow Catholic doctor as they worked so hard to turn around the whole system of how patients with mental illness were treated. I had not realised until reading up on Alois Alzheimer that he was a leading light in the humane treatment of those with mental illness.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the lesson. Some of the discussion questions are hard, but I know home educated youngsters like a challenge.

My other recent science lesson is about Fr. P Angelo Secchi SJ an amazingly energetic astronomer, and general genius. Kalei has posted this with a short poem study on Belloc’s Ballade of Our Lady of Czestochowa, which I came across in Divine Office one day. Lovely poem.

For those of you who use Kalei’s blog I recommend THE PRINTABLES SITEMAP page. There’s a treasure trove of freebies there.

Science Freebies and the chance for $50. Looks like a good deal to me.

It is often said that great minds think alike – and fools seldom differ, but there’s something telepathic about how Kalei and I have both been busy making science freebies this week!

Kalei offers this excellent resource to help children remember facts about many famous scientists.

Then I added to my History of Science worksets with one on Monsignor Georges-Henri Lemaitre who discovered what was named “The Big Bang” theory.

If that’s not enough Kalei has very generously put forward the chance to win a $50 voucher to spend on those extra bits for the busy homeschool. God and join the competition and see what happens 🙂

Free lessons: Marriage part II and other stuff

Kalei has posted my next set of lessons on her blog and website.

So go HERE to see Part II of my lessons on marriage.

She has also posted my “put together and label the parts of a flower” little lesson.

This is my first attempt at a cheapo Montessori type activity. What Dr. Montessori would make of my efforts I dread to think – but it’s worth a try.

Take a look at the rest of the stuff on That Resource Site Blog and WEBSITE

You can also get my lessons from the page Kalei made for my stuff

For those of you interested in using my Marriage lessons, can I suggest that you start with my lesson on the history of the priesthood. It will help (I hope) to place my lessons on marriage in a context. Then follow with part one of the Marriage and Christ as the Bridegroom.

And can I just add an invitation on behalf of Kalie. You will see when you visit That Resource Site that she has an area for “friends” where those of us who can offer resources have our own page designed for us. If you have stuff to share do let her know. It’s a lovely idea that parents can share their talents and interests so that others get to keep to a budget.

Home Education Freebie: The Catholic Laboratory Podcast. and Catholic Under the Hood

Like most Home Ed mums I’ve been asked on more than one occasion how I intend to teach my children science. (You know the one, it always comes hot on the heals of the “Waddabout socialisation? question).

Well, there is a lot of books and curriculum, especially from Anerica and most of us parents have a secret stash of test tubes and strange chemicals from one or more of those science kits so easily available on the internet.

For older children and adults I really recommend The Catholic Laboratory Podcast.  Eaxh episode has a set of links and resources on the page. You can download the podcasrs from itunes, but I prefer to do so from the site as I can then more easily see what resources go with eaxh episode.

Mr Maxwell, who does the podcasts covers a lot of different aspects of science and its history.

The other podcasts I really recommennd, which I have only discovered recently is Catholic Under the Hood fronted by the rather wonderfully named Father Seraphim Beshoner who is a tutor for the Austrian based school of Franciscan University. His podcasts cover a whole range of topics on history and science.

Fr. Seraphim also offers videocasts via itunes which I haven’t had a chance to look at yet.

So fill up your MP3 player or Kindle or whatever you have – and fill up your brain.

Frugal Friday Freebies: Colour book. The Ten Commandments; the month of the Sacred Heart: Science and a story about milk.

One of the HE mums I know posted a link to THIS COLOURING BOOK to help children deal with some difficult situations.

As she mentions herself the illustrations are a bit rough but there may be useful stuff there.

It’s June so if you are studying the Sacred Heart – there are some freebies on offer over at Kalie’s Resource Site – notebooking and a little lesson from me.

If you remember that I did a post on how to remember the Ten Commandments. There’s a quick sheet HERE to help understand how the Our Father, Decalogue and Beatitudes all work together. I need to write some follow up on this – but I will wait until I am actually awake to do so.

Final freebie for today is this bloomin’ marvellous site The Catholic Laboratory. The podcasts are excellent. I have them on my Kindle and am listening to them all. (It could take a while). I have a long standing interest in Catholic scientists, especially as so many moon craters are named after Jesuits- so this is quite a find.

With all those frugal freebies for your use, I have a story of milk to tell you.

Unlike the Promised Land, Britain is not flowing with milk and honey. It’s more like bills and debt. Ordinary good hard working people are finding life very tough at the moment.

We have our milk delivered in the traditional way – by the milk man. If we run out (as does happen) we do the cheapo thing and buy some from Tescos. However, Tescos is a massive and badly behaved corporation that we are not that fond of. It is very important to keep local people employed and this means keeping the local businesses supported. However it is more expensive to have milk from the milk man than the supermarket and we’re trying to be frugal here aren’t we?

Well, it seems to me that being frugal should come with a caveat – that is, not at someone else’s expense. So. When the man who helps run the local dairy farm came to our door and said his brother’s farm is at risk because Kraft, who now own Cadbury’s have cancelled the massive milk order, I was willing for him to be our new milk man. His milk is just a little cheaper as well so that’s great. I also wondered if we could arrange a Home Ed trip to the farm to see the very cows whose milk we are drinking now. All seems great doesn’t it?

So I paid the other milk man and explained I was going with the local farm milk. It turns out that he is self-employed in a franchise rather than employed as I assumed. Ouch! He is past retirement age but has to work as he is still supporting his family.

The outcome is I now have two milkmen. It does mean that our milk bill will be a bit more – but not so much it will add to the debt so hey. It is vitally important to keep our communities alive and help people keep above water.  Anyway, I am a distributist and what kind of distributist wants cheap milk anyway? So, be frugal where you can, but get your milk from a milkman.

Free lesson: a brief history of the priesthood.

I spent quite a bit of time writing this free lesson plan, but I am afraid the subject is way way too big for a little lesson. Still, hopefully, some of you will find it a good starting point.

There is huge ignorance and confusion about the nature of the pesitshood. But then there is huge confusion about spiritual matters over all.

It is a real shame that we have given up our understanding and embraced a terribly narrow view that all reality is material. For people my age, the confusion was taught to us, and I think, it is largely thanks to the internet that people like me have had access to authentic teaching. Anyway, have a look and see what you think.

Don’t forget to have a look at the other stuff Kalei puts up and leave her a message of encouragement.

Frugal Friday: How to use my time better

It’s the last day of half term and I have finished a week of watching what I do with my time to see if I can squeeze even more into my week.

I made and printed up a week, with each day divided into half hourly slots and tried to keep on top of what I was doing with my day. Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’m wasting a lot of time, but it was a useful exercise to see if I can cram in a little more reading time (now that I can read hehehehe) and some more writing time, so that I can offer more freebies to y’all – or at least a few better written ones as they wont be so rushed.

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