Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was born on the 1st January 1842 in Bangor. When she was only 16 her mother died and her father, grieving so much, died the following year.

She had a great love of education and a deep understanding of children. She insisted that children were person’s in their own right and deserved a broad based education. Each child should be treated as an individual and allowed to learn to the best of his ability, not forced to jump through hoops set by politics and twaddle makers. Charlotte was well read and a very holy person, it seems to me. She was Anglican and had a good grasp of natural law, which has been so much neglected these days.

Her spiritual reading included (apart from Scripture of course) the writings of St Teresa of Avila.

She established the PEU Parent  Education Union along with a published periodical called the “Parent’s Review”.  This helped parents in home educating their children.

Charlotte was nearly fifty when she moved to Ambleside, England, in 1891 and formed the House of Education, a training school for governesses and others working with young children. By 1892 the Parents’ Education Union had added the word “National” to its title, and a Parents’ Review School had been formed (later to be known as the Parents’ Union School), at which the children followed Miss Mason’s educational philosophy and methods. After her death the training school became Charlotte Mason College.

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2 responses to “Charlotte Mason

  1. Charlotte Mason homechool techniques are amazing! Love them. They work well for my kids. We combine hers with a few other styles. I really can’t wait to invest into Heart Of Wisdom Curriculum where they apply her principles with a few others. 🙂

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