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homeschool in the UK

Paula Rothermel. Home Education;Rationales, Practices and Outcomes

John Taylor Gatto


Bible Trading Cards

Peppa Pig colouring

Catholic worksheets


Dr Ray Guarendi


Image of God


Ineractive Activities

Interactive Stories

Sebastian Swan books to read online

SCIENCE and Philosophy

Accepting Abundance (personhood)

6 responses to “Links Extra

  1. My husband has been following your blog for some time now. He is very keen on the idea of home schooling. I, however, have some reservations!! I mostly worry about my son being able to mix with other children, especially as he is an only child (at present as I have a little girl due on 29 June!!) He is nearly 3 years old. I also worry that our LEA will be difficult to work with. I live in Hackney, London, and for some reason they are of the opinion that home schooling = child abuse/neglect!! They also state on their website that you have to follow the National Curriculum if you home school and allow them access whenever they like to ‘monitor’ children, which, from what I understand, is wrong.

    I’m basically looking for any advice on what options there are out there.

  2. A GCSE Maths revision site containing free past papers, notes and exam hints and tips.

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