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Home education a couple of days in the life.

Yesterday, I got up did morning prayer, cleaned the kitchen ans set out the work for the little group.

Josh was wandering around emptying the bins ready for tonight. He was off to work after that. Alex was already at work.

Another family arrived and we had a cuppa. Then we called all the children together and did some history. We are following the syllabus for RC connecting with History using the Ancient Civilisations Pocket Book making book and Kalei’s Bible timeline pictures.

The children in the lesson range from age 4 to 9 and there’s a toddler too. For Ronan and Avila this is revision rather than work that stretches them.

Jenny (Josh’s girlfriend) of the Little Green Dress came and taught a Spanish lesson. We got lunch ready and then after lunch there was a bit more Spanish and then time to play. Ronan got the others together and made tortillas.

Jenny left and then the other family left. Alex came home and his girlfriend arrived.

I started the dinner and got most of it cooked and sorted so I could collapse in a chair for a while. Then everyone laid the table.

Al arrived home from work and I served dinner.

Children watched a bit of Narnia, the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe then got ready for bed.

Al took them up to bed and then there was relative silence for a while. I did some knitting and reading.

Compline and bed.

Today: Got up, morning prayer, cleaned kitchen. I ought to have made a jug of squash and left it on the table with cups for the children to help themselves to during the day – but I forgot.

Avila helped Heleyna get her breakfast while I set up the lessons for the day including the keyboard and broken computer for their music lessons (I plug the broken computer into the TV so they can actually see the music).

Lessons start and I have Heleyna (age 5) for one to one time while the other two work independently. This is easier since I bought them learning boxes which have everything they need. We use a pretty similar set up each week so they know what is expected of them.

After Heleyna’s work was done she sat next to me to do some worksheet stuff while I had one to one time with Avila. We do RE together and she reads to me. Then she and Ronan did a science experiment together while Heleyna watched.

Ronan got lunch for him and his sisters. I grab a lunch and get stuff put away and the next lessons out. With Ronan I do RE, he reads the Fr Brown Reader and we discuss the answers to the questions before he writes them out. Then he read to me.

There was a break while I sorted out something for Heleyna and then it was time for Latin (Primer A) and a bit of history. Heleyna had two little word worksheets for Linney’s Latin to do which included drawing a nauta (sailor) and an astronauta (astronaut) Actually that second word isn’t in the book but we like it. She did very well.

Lesson times were over and the girls went to play. Ronan came to help me prepare dinner. He loves cooking and grabs any opportunity to do so.

Having my 4 o’clock flop time now. It’s bizarre but around this time most days I just can’t move around any more. So I don’t. I am supposed to be writing up the Greek and Latin for next week, but I’m blogging instead.

The boys are at work and Iona is cleaning her room. The children are playing and all is quiet(ish).

Who knows what will happen next…

After lunch it was one to one time with Ronan while the girls played.


Home Education; A Day in the life

A typical Tuesday.

It’s about 7:20am and I am drinking coffee and going the careful stretches that will unlock my body so I can get out of bed and put the weight on my feet.  This varies from, almost immediately to half an hour, but at last I can walk around.

I come downstairs and clean the kitchen, sort out any washing left from the day before and set out the children’s work for the day, including the keyboard.

Morning prayer with rest of coffee.

Sort out breakfast and drinks for Heleyna. The other two usually sort themselves out.

Music lessons begin. One child at a time sits with the keyboard in front of the TV where my very broken laptop is plugged in. It still works for these lessons though. We are using the Adventus Piano software with the monthly subscription.

Start Heleyna’s lessons with her. We usually start with Funnix (which I got free but I think you have to pay now) and then More.Starfall  (subscription) or Starfall (Free). I’ve printed up the workbooks and reading books from the download centre.

The other two finish music lessons and start independant work, which includes Language Arts and Maths (MUS and Life of Fred) Ronan was really pleased with himself for finishing MUS Beta today. He starts Gamma on Thursday. Once I finished the first lessons with Heleyna they can come and ask for help.

I hear Ronan Read and we work on his Religion 3 together and the Ignatius story.

Then back to Heleyna for her Visual Perseptual Skills and Early Literacy .

Avila comes for her Faith and Life lesson Jesus Our Life (She is working above grade on this) She then reads to me.

The shopping arrives and then Ronan spends some time making the adult sized skeleton we are working on.

Then it’s time for Map Work together.

Ronan goes to start putting the lunch together and I have a moment to watch the DVD lesson 13 for Song School Greek, so I can get the words right! (for once!)

The children have lunch and I do some sorting and tidying and make a lovely cuppa. I clean the kitchen and grab some lunch.

Set up for next lessons. The children come and sing some songs in Song School Greek and then it’s out with the teddy counters and inhalers to do a visual history lesson with Our Catholic Legacy. (Today Seretide was Henry II and Qvar was Thomas a Becket. The other inhalers were Lords while the bears were jurers, criminals and  common folk.)

Finally lessons are over and we all get a bit of a break. I start plans for the next day. Then there’s some housework to do.

The girls get themselves ready for ballet, while I ensure we have all we beed in the ballet bag. and then we leave for the lessons. One of the boys gets my powerchair out through the not so wide front door and I’m ready to roll.

Iona cooks on a Tuesday as I take the girls.

We get back and Al returns from work. We eat together as a family – which is very important. Then there’s story time or quiet time or a DVD and then it’s bedtime for the younger three. Daddy says prayers with them and Roni is allowed reading time in bed.

Then it’s time with the biggies and a bit of reading before bed. And that’s a day in the life of us lot.

Home Education – a Day in the Life.

Recently I heard a home educating mother of 12 announce that it was important for mothers to be up before the children. I assume her children don’t hear her moving around the house. Here the reality is that if I so much as put my feet on the floor children appear from all corners of their bedroom.

This morning they were up before me (two days without meds has made an umpleasant impact). But I was soon up and making Heleyna’s breakfast. The other two had made their own. Then they went off to play while I did morning prayer, cleaned the kitchen, set the dishwasher and sorted some washing. Then it was time to set the work out. They started work just before 9am today.  This makes for freer afternoons.

By this time two big people had emerged and had their breakfast and gone off to work in their rooms.

I admit we never did do family morning prayer today. I do need to get back on top of this.

Math U See, Mathematical Reasoning, Language arts of various kinds and reading took place, followed by Faith and Life and Bible story (Gideon) and Critical Thinking. Then it was time to cuddle up for a story from history about Rollo the Viking.

Iona made lunch for the  three smaller ones and I put together the dinner and got it in the oven. After lunch we finished off the Astronomy book which has taken a while and looked at a brilliant book Ronan got for his birthday from Iona. It is a pop-up book commemorating the moon landing.

Then it was music time using the keyboard and software recommended on  Seton HS. I have the 7 day free trial via the website which I think I may continue or buy the discs from Seton. It has been a terrible faff to set up but is showing itself to be worth it so far.

Ronan’s Godmother came over to give him a birthday present and to spend some time with him.

Time for story; We are reading The Jungle Book.

Time to get ready for Beavers. Avila was invested tonight and Ronan is moving up to cubs so he has stayed on for that.

Iona took them off to Beavers.

I cleared up – sorted some Jungle book stuff for tomorrow and then it was time to serve dinner for the ones here.

Cleared away and started some writing until Avila was home with her dad. Served them and came a blogged.

Ronan to serve when Josh goes to get him home and Al will be putting the girls to bed. Final clearing and washing sorting and perhaps a bit more writing: I did promise an Easter to Pentecost booklet to follow the Via Dolorosa didn’t I? 🙂

Then crash on sofa – stare mindlessly at TV and bed. Josh has kindly been out to get my meds so I will have pain relief tonight!  I have come across an HS mother who was up until midnight – let me tell you – I could NEVER do that.