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Science Freebies and the chance for $50. Looks like a good deal to me.

It is often said that great minds think alike – and fools seldom differ, but there’s something telepathic about how Kalei and I have both been busy making science freebies this week!

Kalei offers this excellent resource to help children remember facts about many famous scientists.

Then I added to my History of Science worksets with one on Monsignor Georges-Henri Lemaitre who discovered what was named “The Big Bang” theory.

If that’s not enough Kalei has very generously put forward the chance to win a $50 Amazon.com voucher to spend on those extra bits for the busy homeschool. God and join the competition and see what happens 🙂

That Resource Site, major revamp – go and see.

My friends over at That Resource Site have been working very hard on revamping their website. I think the dad is the computer savvy one and K the mum makes so many resources.

Click on the picture and visit their site

As a family they are trying to give back a little and to reach . out to those who might want a helping hand with lessons and worksheets.

I want to do the same thing and that’s why I joined them. They have a tab for “FRIENDS”. If you could offer something why not become a friend and offer your free worksheets or ideas. They don’t have to be elaborate; one of mine are only one page.

K tries to ensure new sheets are added on a weekly basis. They are well presented and colourful so that children will find them neat and attractive.

Go and look.

Start Autumn Learning with a smile

That Resource Team mum has produced some lovely colourful learning materials for Autumn.

Resource link

Thanks to the mum of That Reasource Site I have THIS RESOURCE link which looks good.

June Month of the Sacred Heart

That Resource Site has put up my little offerings of worksheets for the month of June.

If I get time I might do a few more.

Fr Ray has mentioned the lack of info about the Holy Father’s visit to the UK in September. I am going to try and put together some basic stuff as prep for that event too.

If anyone has ideas or stuff you think needs to be included in a set of worksheets for mixed aged children then let me know.

Charlotte MasonHome Education Autumn week 2

After Week ONE I don’t think I need to write everything we have done this week. Most of the regular stuff is the same as last week.

On Tuesday the Geography lesson was about weather temperatures. The children got to have a look at my jam thermometer and then we recapped about how the sun warms the land and makes the wind. There was a great experiment to do making a thermometer out of coloured water and a straw and then setting it into boiling water. Well, the children had great fun making the thermometers but sadly we couldn’t get them to work. I did wonder whether we should have used vodka instead of water as alcohol is more temp sensitive.  Anyone else done this?

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New sites and sidebar links

I’ve been using SPARKLE BOX for quite a while. They offer an excellent range of resources and they’re all free. Yesterday we printed up the story of Creation and took it up to the landing where Ronan and Avila set it out in order as we told the story.

The website Kids Know It is an excellent resource which we have been using especially for Astronomy. They have a great song section, including this one about the SUN and this one about the PLANETS. Even Heleyna enjoys these songs and dances to them.

For the older children and grown ups in the family I have added the website of the wonderful Immaculee Ilibagiza. I haven’t bought any on her books yet, but I intend to.

You can hear her interviewed on THE WORLD OVER about her latest book and her survival in Rwanda. She was interview by CATHOLIC ANSWERS and will be again on 3rd Oct.

Her depth of peace and ability to forgive is truly inspiring.

Links, news and resources

I just wanted to share the links SwissMiss kindly gave me t’other day.

Lit to Go It has a huge amount of literature. Choose what you want and it is offered in PDF and MP3 format. Quite a resource!

She also sent “Protect Our Kids From Preschool” an article in the Wall Street Journal. The article points out there is a lot of research and the schools in Europe than do not start until a child is aged 6 to 7 do better than those that start with little ones. I could add there is research showing that children need to be with their parents-especially the mother before the age of 5-6 for attachement. 

I have started Ronan back with the Linney Latin which I do recommend. I also note he has added more MP3s for the book. Thank you Mr. Linney! I notice that he is working on a Getting Started in Spanish programme as well with the book due out in 2009. I can’r wait.

Ronan enjoys the Dorling Kindersley Spanish Language Learner– but we both prefer the approach Linney takes to teaching Latin.