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March for Life more and more people standing up for the sanctity of life!

The March for Life in the America has been an amazing sight. Thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand a respect for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  The Crescat has some great photos and all over the net there are reports from those who were there and those who wished they could be.

march-for-life-2013One of the great things about the internet is it can easily bypass the silence and self censorship of the mainstream media. They are losing the battle on life. Pretending the marches aren’t attended or ignoring them as they happen will no longer count for much. I get the sense the mainstream media’s influence is shrinking fast.

Forty years ago (a generation in Biblical terms) two court cases opened the floodgates to the wholesale slaughter of unborn people. This in turn blunted the sense of life so much that it is now fine to deny elderly people basic care and medication such as antibiotics; to starve and dehydrate people to death and to leave seriously ill people without basic care so that they and their families become so desperate they ask for assisted suicide.

We live in a world where health insurance companies in America will refuse tomarch-for-life-2013b pay for treatment but offer to pay for assisted suicide, because they deem it cheaper.

One of the wonderful things about the American people marching for life is that they still care enough, over the pond, to do this. I can’t imagine such a thing happening in dark apathetic Britain. Tiny embers still glow here, but those embers are tiny.

A new generation is emerging in America who are willing to stand up for what is right.


Abby Johnson has left the abortion industry and become pro-life. Her charity is to help others who wish to follow. It’s a brave step because those ex-workers 486064_559719124038165_2085612879_nlose their employment and are often less than welcomed into the pro-life community, who like the apostles after the conversion of Paul, are somewhat wary.

She has posted this picture of a tool used to grip the baby’s head and then pierce his/her skull. The grips stop the head floating free once it has been cut from the body. The fact that such tools are made is beyond vile; that they are used is not so much crying out to God but screaming out.

I am sure Dr Bernard Nathanson is praying for us all. He was a founding member of NARAL and the lies he told back then are still repeated in the media today. He has told the truth since then and spent the rest of his life fighting for life. He became a Catholic in 1996 and stood firm for life until his death in 2011.

As Christians we are not allowed to remain silent. It is laid on us as an obligation to speak out for justice and life.  Adam’s silence in the face of Satan’s attack on the woman brought about his own downfall. We will answer for silence.

You may be saying; I can’t march, what can I do?

For a lot of us it’s a matter of donating money, clothes, equipment and food to the crisis pregnancy centres and local parishes who do quiet outreach. Food donations for the elderly and sick. You might be able to help with respite or visiting someone. There are many families who offer a place to stay for girls in a terrible crisis pregnancy.

Something as simple as helping  a sick or disabled person navigate the dreadful benefits system by helping them fill out forms.

Join the St. Vincent dePaul (SVP) Society.

Do anything, so long as it’s not nothing.

Life and finding real answers; death and self service.

As the next 40 Days for Life approaches I’ve been thinking about how the culture of Life can change so many things. The record of 40 Days for Life is really impressive. Prayer, fasting, counselling and care have saved many babies from the industry and saved their parents the follow on horror that comes for so many after abortion. In America 24 abortion mills have closed. 40 Days has produced some astonishing conversions along the way. Abby Johnson is perhaps one of the most well known but she is one of many abortion workers who have turned away and are now shining a light on the utter vileness of what goes on in the industry. I think Dr. Bernard Nathanson must be praying very hard for us all still here.

All that is wonderful, but I think more fruit will come from this stance on Life. Once we start to show our horrible culture the importance of life, of every human life, no matter how small or how broken, a whole lot of things will change and they will change in science and medicine.

Once we accept that every human being is a person with inherent rights and dignity we will stop looking at ways to kill off those too young and those too sick and those too old, and we’ll find ways to care for, heal and save lives.

Money will go into funding real research to find answers for those who are suffering so much. Embryonic stem cell research will be shelved and the much more productive and promising research with umbilical and adult stem cells will reap the benefit making therapies happen much sooner.

Instead of pulling back from research into Alzheimer’s, drug companies will put more effort into finding ways to help those patients because each life is precious.

No one will be telling those of us with ME that Ampligen or Rituxin is too expensive, because all the money we spend on killing people will be there to give people life.

There will be no more letters from insurance companies telling people in Oregon that their treatment wont be paid for, but if they take the assisted suicide route that will be. It will not happen because the “obligation to die” dressed up as “right” to die rhetoric will be seen for what it is.

Instead of looking for new screening techniques to dx Downs Syndrome and get as many of those children killed off as possible (one spokesperson apparently talked about eradicating Downs, not through treatment but by killing the babies), there will be research into how to best treat and care for people with Downs. No more stories of parents being told their child must wait for heart surgery because the child should never have been born.

Once we stop deciding that some people aren’t people and other people aren’t worthy people, we’ll all be better people.

Forty Days for Life

It’s Lent and it’s the 40 Days for Life time of prayer and witness. Pray for all those who are able and willing to get out there and stand as a witness for the value of every human life, against those who want to decide who is life unworthy of life.

In your prayers don’t forget that it isn’t only babies being killed these days; the sick, frail and elderly are subject to these anti-life people.

I heard a man from America saying that in his area the prayer and witness had seen the miraculous victory of going from 8 abortion mills down to one that is already part-time. Mothers have been given the option of ultra sounds and care and have chosen life. (A recent study showed somthing like 80% of mothers claimed they had been coerced into abortion. They just need to know they have a real choice).

Don’t forget that your local crisis centre probably needs baby stuff, maternity stuff and money.

One of the 10% who survive.

As the 40 days for life continues…

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Some interesting facts about l*p dancers.

I’ve taken out the “a” to prevent unwanted searches finding this blog.

Anyway, I was listening to Ian Maxwell’s CathLab episode about the Theology of the Body when he mentioned some interesting research about how women give off certain pheramones during a normal cycle. It is pretty well known that women, in particular, give off chemicals that bond her to the man she has had sex with, but there is research that shows that a woman is more sexually attractive when she is fertile.

To test this theory some scientists in California got a group of lap dancers to make a record of tips their earned over two months. They found that the girls earned substantially more over the five days of their highest fertility and much less when not fertile. The girls who were using chemical contraception earned less throughtout the two months.

Take a look and listen to the whole podcast

I heard some interesting info about fertility a couple of weeks ago on some audio something or other. A doctor (obgyn I think) who commented about fertility in women pointed out that after age 35 a woman’s fertility level drops considerably – so leaving that baby ’til the career is set up is not such a good idea. She went on to say that after the age of 45 a woman’s chance of getting pregnant drops to 1%. The upshot is she advises wives to have babies when your body is ready to avoid the horrible heartache of infertility and the just as horrible fertility treatments- most of which have terrible success rates.

Dr Bernard Nathanson in the palm of His hand.

I know I am a little late on this but I did want to mark the death of Dr Bernard Nathanson a few days ago at the great age of 84.

He was born into a secular Jewish family and grew up atheist. He became one of the founding members of NARAL and set about making his fortune by campaigning for abortion. He lied, exaggerated and won the argument as Roe vs Wade went ahead in favour of allowing the killing of the child before birth. From that we in the UK and America and so many other countries now kill unborn children on a scale that has outdone Communist Stalinist Russia’s death count.

The doctor admitted he was personally responsible for the death of thousands of babies, until one day something happened that shocked him into thought. He saw an ultra-sound where the 12 week fetus was actively trying to avoid the needle that was coming at him. The child opened it’s mouth in horror and from there the famous and disturbing video The Silent Scream went viral.

Nathanson left NARAL and went in search of the truth. He became had already realised that killing people, however young is terribly wrong and joined the pro-life movement. He became Catholic as did the mother of the aborted child of the Roe vs Wade debacle who herself had converted. [I’ve written about Norma Mc Corvey before].

Dr Nathanson’s death comes at the time when an ex-Planned Parenthood employee has also found God and has joined the Pro-Life Movement and the Church. Abby Johnson is a brave woman, standing up and announcing the lies that she was told and told mothers about their unborn children; it’s only cells, not a real person etc. etc.

America is showing good signs of turning the tide from this massively lucrative industry; we still have a long, long way to go here in Britain.

I knew a young mother who was told to abort her baby as he wouldn’t live anyway. When she refused she was heavily pressured to accept the offer. Thanks to support she stood firm and her son was born and lived for 20 minutes so she and her son’s father held him as did the grandparents before he died. That special and terribly important time with her son would have been taken from her if she had given in.

We pray for Dr Nathanson and may he be praying hard for all those mothers –  especially those for whom abortion isn’t a choice because it is forced on them. And remember, the fact that medics assume no one will disagree with them means there is far less care and support for families who do go ahead with a pregnancy against the medics view. Please don’t ever be tempted to judge those families; it’s a frightening situation.

Being pro-life is a difficult and for some dangerous business. There are even people who dare to call themselves Christian who have no problem in supporting abortion.

We offered more than once to take on a baby but were refused. Nevertheless I know there are good people praying and fighting both here and in heaven.

HERE is an article from someone who knew Dr Nathanson.

Feast of Holy Innocents

On the feast of Holy Innocents we remember all those children who have died. I tend to remember my own little miscarried ones and all mothers who have lost babies whether through miscarriage or the violence of abortion.

Todays feast remembers all the children slaughtered by Herod’s men,  just following orders, in Bethlehem. I have heard some criticism of the story on the grounds that the only known recording of the event is in Matthew’s Gospel.  The argument seems to be that if the event isn’t written about elsewhere, as far as we know, then Matthew was making it up. I have to say I would need a lot more evidence that Matthew lied, than the fact that 2000 years later surviving documents from the time don’t record it.  Surely a more sensible view is that Matthew heard the story from those it most effected, Jesus Mother for example.

It seems a sad fact that many ancient powers and civilisations were busy killing children in some way. And none of them are left. There is a god who promises wealth and all sorts of comforts if only parents will give him their children; Molech, Saturn, Crom Cruach, the serpent god of the Aztecs and so the list of names goes on. Even the Romans were found to have turned to child sacrifice at times. It seems one of the few major civilisations not to sacrifice children was ancient Egypt, which although there was some human sacrifice, didn’t target children as such. How odd it is that we so admire their wonderful buildings and don’t wonder why they are all empty.

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