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Frugal Friday freebies

I’ve been working on some freebies to offer you.

If you want to get the New Year under way with some planning get yourself a folder and here’s a set of planning sheets for January, I’ve made a prayer and Bible study add on There’s more months on the way and some other stuff too.

If anyone wants something specific as an add on just let me know.

That Resource Team family have kindly given me a page on their site for my worksheets and other stuff. So you can find it all easily

Is it an acolyte? Is it a liturgical abuse?…No, it’s Josh with a mop and bucket!

I haven’t made it to Mass at all this Christmas but the boys have gone. Ronan has started serving and loves it.

On Sunday the lads were quite late home.  It turns out that there’s a heavy leak from one of the radiators in the sanctuary, so as Mass went on Josh was quietly standing near the rising waters with a mop and bucket. This unusual piece of liturgical equipment kept the waters parted for Father to move around the sanctuary safely and say Mass. The MC arranged for a couple of the other servers to stand in such a way that Josh was hidden and not a distraction for the congregation.

Al reckons that if Father can show him where to turn off the boiler (in the crypt) then he would be able to fix the problem, saving the church the cost of a plummer.

There are many skills the lads need to properly serve for Mass, carrying candle’s, ringing bells, swinging the thurible and mopping floors.

Christmas blessings to one and all.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas, especially for those who have faced such difficult times recently.

Here’s an essential Tomie de Paola moment:

God bless

Got heat, done docs and Christmas is nearly here.

Managed to get to the docs yesterday thanks to the kind help of a friend. I took the oldest lad with me as muscle in case her care got stuck in the snow, but we did ok.

I left the other lad at home to look at the central heating problem. I thought it was something to do with the outside vent for the flue being frozen.

The doc sorted out the meds and blood forms and offered me a flu jab which was a bit late . I have to go back for first blood test in the New Year.

We got home to a warm house! Alex had been outside investigating and found that although the vent as fine the pipe to the boiler was frozen. He defrosted it and lo and behold the heating kicking in.  Whey hey!

We had more snow today but it’s wetter so the roads are clearing.

It could be a proper white Christmas though.

Should have taken my camera

  Snow Flake 3 It’s snowed a foot or more here and it looks stunning. We set out this morning for my hospital appt, with a helpful shove from a neighbour and  drove through roads of brown slush and astonishing lumps of ice (it’s been hitting -10 C). The playing field was beautiful in it’s shroud of snow and mist. The trees look amazing. I just wish I’d taken my camera.

DoctorAt the hospital I saw the Consultant. She strikes me as the real-deal medic wise. I’ve seen far too many doctors over the years who haven’t a clue about basic good manners let  alone patient care – she’s a breath of fresh air.

I’m to start an ace inhibiter which she says is usually the best way with “younger patients” with hypertension. That’s me you see “YOUNGER patient” 🙂

As usual I forgot all sorts of questions but I did ask about my eyesight. She had a look and there’s no obviousa haemorraging yet. Good. But she isn’t sure if the vision problem is fibro or hypertension. We have to wait and see what the AI does. I hope it’s hypertension and the drugs stop it. I really want my eyesight back properly.

I’ll need blood tests and more kidney function tests and have to go back in 6 weeks. I am impressed with her effeciency. I was at the hospt about two weeks ago for the 24 hr sphig and she’s sorting me out promptly.

 We managed to get to the GP with the letter and I assumed I would send Josh to fetch the script in a day or too. Er…no. Got a call from the GPs office and I have to go in tomorrow.

  Well, I love the snow, but it’s a nightmare driving out there (and poor ol’dh has waited nearly an hr for a bus from work and then got stuck at the train station – hope he’ll be home some  before 8pm) I phoned a friend who has kindly agreed to try and take me. Josh will come as car pushing muscle….might take Alex too. You see great big giant sons are a marvellous thing.

BundledThe central heating is broken so the children and I are wrapped up snuggly with shawls and blankets. I am also grateful to whoever it was who invented the hot water bottle. What a star.

Frugal Friday – freebies and cranberry sauce recipe

Check out the page That Resource Site have kindly put up with my little freebies. Hope you find something useful there. Check out their Blog too. I especially like the look of the Christmas themed writing resources. We have done the little Advent detective sheets.(opens pdf) and they have been admired.

I made a batch of cranberry and apple sauce (a small batch) We didn’t have enough cranberries to do a pure cranberry sauce so I added apples:

3/4 lb cranberries

4 oz (abour one) apple peeled cored and chopped.

3 fl oz apple juice (== 3 tablespoons ish)

2 fl oz water

A cinnamon stick

Heat it up until the cranberries are popping and the apple is getting soft.

Add 6 desert spons of sugar I do 2 dem 2 white and 2 soft brown.

A teaspoon of sweet (mixed) spice.

Stir it in and keep it hot for a while.

Turn off the heat and put in a nice jar.

Iona has 20 Uni points now.

Iona got her Open Uni resilts today and she has passed with a good mark. So now she has 20 points at level 1.

So we can sort out her next course soon. If she wants to go on to do a degree at another University she will need 90 level 1 points or she could stay with the OU.

I think as time goes on more Universities will offer distance learning and online learning like the OU making things cheaper and more flexible all round.

The new student loan system is marginally better than the old one and certainly offers better grants and sponsorship but it doesn’t really cahnge the fact that students will have to work and study and distance courses have long been set up to allow for that. They also allow the student to pay per module, avoiding massive debt.

I have been a bit stumped by the anger over student fees. Certainly the debt will be higher but all of us with American friends know they’ve coped with this system. Also the payback system is much better raising the when to pay back earnings from £15 to £21 seems good and then having the whole lot written off after 15 years is brilliant. (If that bit stays).

I think the whole University sytem and culture needs massive overhaul and perhaps the anger stems from the rather odd way the Govt have chosen to approach the problem. But then it seems in politics they only see the money.