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Quiet time

Having a quiet time with the blog for a few days while we catch up with family and friends.
Seeing my “mum” Sr Kath and others.
back soon 🙂

Dot died this morning

My friend Dot died very early this morning.

May she be welcomed Home.

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for her safe journey Home and for her family as they grieve.

Paper Dali offers ebook on bedrest

Paper Dali has an ebook for $5 on bedrest and how to survive it. Go check it out.

Home education is bad I tell you! Here we go again.

The report is out on the murder of Khyra Ishaq, which Kelly over at Green and Gold picks up on. I still haven’t read the report but apparently the dear decrepit NSPCC (fake charity extroadinaire) are still trying to pin this on home education.  Both Kelly and Carlotta picked up the Guardian article by Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison in which they try to correct some of the gross misinformation out there. I am a little surprised a paper like the Graun allowed this to be published but you can soon see by the comment thread that the usual Graunids (or whatever you might call them) are crawling around spewing their ignorance and bigotry. I actually laughed when I saw the “What about science?” question.

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Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases; where do they come from?

While many doctors and researchers say that fibro has been around since Job talked of his aching sinews and that diabetes went undiagnosed even as St Anthony of Padua died of it (probably type 2) and that ancient medics like Galen talked of sweet tasting urine (not a modern way of diagnosing thank heaven!) it seems that in modern times these illnesses have reached huge proportions.  Why is this?

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those looooong car journeys.

“I need a WEEEEEEE!”

“I feel sick..bleurgh!”

“Are we nearly there yet?”

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Please pray for Dot

Please may I ask your prayers for our lovely friend Dot who is now dying in hospital. She is 85 and her last brother died last month. She had a fall about three weeks ago but didn’t really recover from surgery.

It looks as though she will be heading off Home any time now.

This remarkable lady has taken care of her family, her daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren until only a few weeks ago.

During the Second World War she worked to make screws for Spitfires and told us many stories about avoiding bombs and hiding out on the canal tow-path if she was too far from a shelter when the sirens went off. Her garden Anderson shelter was filled in some years ago.

We lived next door to her for many years and she was a great support. We returned the favour as she nursed her husband Eric in his last days.

We saw her last night and Josh is there now. We hope the others can visit in the next day or so and say goodbye. Hopefully we can see her one more time before she goes.

May the Lord welcome her Home.